My Biggest Influencers.. The Answer May Surprise You

When I am being interviewed one of the questions I am often asked is what are my biggest inspirations and who are the people that have had the biggest influence on me.

I think they expect me to answer with my favorite author, motivational speaker or online influencer. And while I could certainly name people in all of those categories that have been great influencers on my thoughts and my business – what comes to mind first are the people in my everyday life. Those people that know me the best and are there offering words of encouragement time after time.

I truly believe that more inspiration can be found in these interactions than anywhere else.

Think about the last time you had coffee with a friend and she said: “you can totally do that!”. Or you talk to a colleague and they tell you “I know you’ll figure that out, I believe in you”. Or even “you can totally wear that dress – and rock it too!”. These people know you and believe in your ability – they believe in you even when you might have started to doubt yourself.

These sound bites from our daily lives are the building blocks of who we are and how we show up every day.

If we take the time to truly reflect we can see how these seemingly small interactions have such a huge impact on our perceptions of what we can accomplish.

One of my goals for this year is to not only to take time to reflect on those people in my life that are my biggest encouragers and cheerleaders but to also let them know how much their words and encouragement has meant to me.

One of the things I love so much about my business is that as part of my job I get to show up in this way for other business owners. Seeing their unique gifts and abilities and reflecting this back to them. Identifying your strengths allows you to really leverage them and show up in a powerful way – in your life and your business.

I would love to know, who are your biggest encouragers? And have you told them lately how much their words have meant to you?

This blog post contains snippets from my podcast interview on Inspired Direct with Vishal Hemrajani. Listen to the entire episode here:


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