How to Work ON Your Business (instead of IN your business)

“A minute in planning saves 10 in execution” Brian Tracy

Did you start your business for more flexibility, freedom or the ability to provide a better quality of life for your family?  Have you gotten so caught up in the daily busy work that you forgot you actually want to work on the business, not in the business?

This could be because you have lost sight of or never sat down to really consider your Why.

When the day to day tasks have taken over and you have lost sight of your vision there are some exercises you can do to get your business back on track.

First, it is critical you identify your big Why. Did you start your business because you wanted time freedom? Did you want more flexibility in your day? When thinking of your goals it is important to make sure they are not what you think they should be – but what they really want them to be!

When you can drill down to focus on your Why remember to include a Why for your life and for your business. It’s important to remember when you are a small business owner these are always intertwined. You want to make sure that your business is actually supporting your quality of life!

The next step in the process is mind mapping. Writing down the feelings that you would want to have in your own business, or writing down where you see yourself in 5 years. Keep brainstorming until you begin to see trends in what is important to you.

Finally, you will break your goals down into 90-day steps. This is how you make a path and turn the impossible to the possible.  For example, If one of your big goals is to have a team that communicates effectively, you can schedule 3 monthly meetings in 90 days as a way to get closer to your goal.

The root of all motivation and accountability has to start with having the bigger vision. All the steps to scale operations or add technology should all be done with those end goals in mind.

Are you stuck? If you could use some support in this process I am here to help! Schedule a free fitting call with this link and let’s talk about how I can help:


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