It doesn’t have to be perfect. It simply has to exist.

Communication is one of those words that sounds so basic and simple but it is often the piece that is missing the most.

Think about your last disagreement. Could clear communication have solved it– or better yet could it have prevented it to begin with?

Did you ever work on something but then found out that your co-worker, partner, or peer was doing something either the same or similar? Communication of roles and responsibilities and transparency of activities can help with that.

How about the last time you had an idea and you were really excited and even began to work really hard to create it, but never finished it for some reason? Communication is the basis of accountability. If you want to follow through, hold yourself accountable. The best way to hold yourself accountable? Leverage other people. Tell people about what you are doing. Once you communicate it out you are accountable to follow through.

Some people get hung up on their message. They are concerned about saying something prematurely. Here’s the thing though.. The timing does not matter as much, the communication does not have to be perfect. It simply has to exist. In fact, the biggest issue is when someone strives to communicate perfectly. The perfect moment does not exist and if you wait for it, your communication will be too late and others will wonder why you’ve never said anything at all.

For someone who is not in the habit, it is tougher than it sounds.

Two easy ways to start communicating better:
1. Recognize the next time clear communication could have saved time or grief. Acknowledge it and learn from it so that you can improve next time.
2. Do you know something that someone else may not? Would it help them if they knew? if it is not confidential, then share the knowledge! We are all here on this planet to do the best we can, and can only accomplish that with each other’s help.

Here’s to the next step!

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