3 Basic Steps to Managing a Team: Step 3

Did you ever hear that story about the group of people who bought train tickets to a mystery station, boarded the train, and let the engineer take them to their surprise destination? Yeah, me neither.
Why do you think that is? Well they probably wouldn’t know what to pack, how long they would be gone, or what to be prepared for. Even for those that are adventurous, generally speaking people like to have a plan. They want to know if they need to pack a jacket or tell the house sitter how long they plan to be gone. The same goes in business.

So we have talked about how ‘Transparent Communication’ and knowing ‘Roles and Responsibilities’ are the two most basic steps to managing a team.

If you missed those posts, you can catch up here: Step 1 & Step 2

The third step is ‘Goals and Alignment’.

Whether it is the train engineer or the manager of a department, the people on board want to know where they are headed– even if it is just generally speaking. People want to be prepared and have managed expectations. Are they boarding a train to Alaska or Arizona? It makes a big difference. Even providing info such as “we are heading towards the desert” is enough to allow people to prepare.

Think about this with your own team. Do they know where they are heading or are they lost wondering if they are heading to Alaska or Arizona?

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