Why I applied to buy an OrangeTheory fitness franchise

Back when I was grinding away at my corporate job I remember day dreaming about what I could do if I could do anything

I always thought it would be great to work for myself, but I had zero idea what to do to get started or what in the world people would even pay me for

And so enters my franchise phase. 

I would think.. what would I do today I could do anything? I am pausing as I write this because my brainstorming answers were a little embarrassing.

They were: 
1. Go to the gym
2. Eat ice cream 

OK then, I could open an ice cream store or a gym? (Back then, my idea of being able to do anything hadn’t really developed yet..) 

Well, I already went to OrangeTheory several times per week and I loved it. So that must be it. I’ll open an OrangeTheory. And then yes, I actually filled out an application, made an appointment and got on the phone with someone at corporate to discuss making the purchase. 

I didn’t meet their net worth requirements to be a franchise owner. I didn’t let that stop me though. I then talked my mom into partnering with me. Together we met the requirements. 

Why in the world was I so hell bent on wanting that franchise? 

Did I want to wake up and open the gym at 4AM? No.
Did I want to be a fitness instructor? No.
Did I want to be responsible for a business that was running holidays and weekends? Not really. 

But… I wanted freedom. 
I wanted to work for myself. 
I wanted to control my schedule. 

I also didn’t know how to get started unless someone showed me. AND THAT’S OKAY!!!! 

As soon as I was able to acknowledge that I wanted something different for my life but I needed help to get started, everything started to get easier. 

It is OK if you aren’t sure what you want to do.
It is OK to feel like corporate life isn’t for you.
AND there is no shame in leaning on people to help. 

You do not have to have it all figured out. Embrace it. Ask questions. And begin to figure out your next step.

By the way… I did NOT get that franchise (although I am still on the waiting list). But I DO work for myself now, and that’s what I really wanted.

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